***This is a current work in progress.***

After deciding that GRL919 was, well, terrible, I decided to re-write it. However, instead of following along closely to the story line of GRL919, I have given it quite a new twist on things.

It is still in first person POV, the main character (and person telling the story) is still a girl, it is still in the future, and it’s kinda about spies. But I’m thinking more along the line of “good” rebells. Read: People rebelling against an evil council = good šŸ˜‰

Differences? Amelia is now Penny. Characters are much more down to earth, and not larger than life. And I now know how to use the backspace key, and have conversations (talking AND listening) with my characters (thank you K. M Weiland).

“The Nerd Who Wore Glasses” MAY become a series. I’m still undecided. If it does, then I’ll let you know (:


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