***This is a current work in progress.***

Dragon’s Tooth (a.k.a DT) is the rewrite of Miranda. It [DT] has a lot of common with Miranda; eg same characters, similar plot/story line, and it has a lot of the same concepts. BUT! They are VERY, EXTREMELY, MONSTROUSLY DIFFERENT.

They are so [“”] different BECAUSE, after writing 5 chapters of Miranda, I became – stuck. I had so many ideas for my story, but they could not, and WOULD NOT work. SO! I came to the conclusion that, if I wanted to make this idea work (and considering I am quite attached to DT), I would have to re-write.

So, the now DT is coming along, in my personal opinion, quite nicely. Slow and steady yes, but that has a lot to do with my all-over-the-place-driving-my-OC-organization-control-freak-personality-nuts routine – and the fact that I get authors block and inspiration at the most inconvenient times (eg. I’ll have AB during a lovely day for writing when I haven’t got much on – and then I’ll get inspiration at 11 pm when my brain is dead beat – you get the idea).

Thank you for reading!!!

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