Heloi there =)

Me, personally, is a teenage, homeschooled all her life, oldest of 8, country, girl – who’s interests are drawing, cooking, interior decorating, photography, cave exploring, shooting, motor bike riding, reading, computers, dogs, day dreaming – and, of course, writing. And, on the subject of writing, I’ve been writing since I was knee high to a sparrow. Even if my first book was magazine pics with captions (with terrible spelling and corny plots and all that fun newbie stuff), I’ve still been writing some sort of something ever since I can remember. So, I guess you could say, I’ve had time to grow.

Everyone says I’m weird – I think I’m me – but I’ll let you do the judging.

Me, as in, Cla!re The Author, writes fiction for the heck of it. Pure enjoyment. PLEASURE. FUN. All that good stuff. I don’t (unless forced) and personally think CAN’T write fiction for a specific subject (just ask my mum to show you my English workbooks – nasty). Non-Fiction I’m OK. You tell me to write an essay on butterflies or chocolate cake – well, I’ll do it. But, if you ask me to write a tall story or a story about dogs – *brain dies*. You get the pic.

I guess the types of fiction I write could be called the following:


Suspense (are they the same thing?)




Thriller (work in progress)



And I guess the only reason I write those type of things is because I enjoy READING those types of things.

I’m also an Obsessive Compulsive (OC) Organizer, Control Freak, and Perfectionist. Any typos you notice or things you think I could work on – do point out 😉 but seriously, do. I LOVEEEEE criticism. On my books especially. But, if you think my shirt colour is funny, you can comment on that too – if it makes you feel better.

Well, I suppose since you’ve read this, you can now go and read the story about the concept of Books By Cla!re. It’s hectically amazingally BORING INTERESTING <<<it is, really truly. The girl doesn’t know what she’s talking about. You HAVE to read it. Honest you do! Woops, I’m not supposed to speak in public… hee hee.