*old western voice – think, Veggie Tales* Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the year of 2010, ol’ Cla!re was just a newbie to the world of the Interwebs.

She happened to be dropped into an online school, where she discovered many awesomely amazingly insanely WEIRD COOL friends (baha love you guys!). She soon discovered that these people WROTE. As in, moved their hands across the keys on their computers to form funny little black things they called LETTERS on their screens. Cla!re realized that she ALSO – WROTE – (as in, moved her hands across the keys on her computer to form funny little black things they call LETTERS on her screen). With this ARMAZING revelation now realized to herself, she began POSTING her books on this SITE that they called CEM which was a ~secret~ alien abduction HQ!

Cla!re, being the creative mind she always has been, realized she NEEDED something amazingly and insanely COOL to call the place she ~uploaded~ her books to. However, the stylalised version of Books By Cla!re didn’t come along until Cla!re got over peer pressure and *slow, low, strange, ~weirdo~ voice* released her inner eccenticism. *old western voice – think, Veggie Tales, again* *ahem*.

Awhile after all this, Cla!re discovered – *drum roll please* BLOGGER! She created booksbycla!re.blogspot.com so that ALL her friends could see she was now a rookie, NOT a newbie. How nice.

As Cla!re graduated from rookie to trainee to MASTER, she learnt about WordPress. She fell in love, and dumped blogger and ran off with WordPress and they got married and had three children and lived happily ever after the end. oh. *ahem* sorry, wrong story.

BUT she did dump blogger, and she did join WordPress. yay WordPress.

After hanging out with WordPress for awhile, Cla!re heard about Wattpad. Cla!re adopted Wattpad, and slowly learned how to use it to her best advantage (which was basically just her learning. to use it). In the process, she removed ARLL her books off of WordPress, and shipped them to Wattpad, the Interwebs, WWW. Her books felt MARCH safer at Wattpad, because they were no longer open to any *the ghost that lives in the girls loos off of Harry Potter when she’s angry voice* MURDEROUS, STEALING, SNIVELING, STUPID LITTLE THIEVES!!!! *veggie tale western voice again* So, Cla!re. decided. to use WordPress to post ARLL her updates plus links to her books, which worked quite well actually.

So now, her blogger profile is just so that people can’t use her interwebs addresses anywhere else, and so she can subscribe to the people who hang out with blogger. And because she can’t delete her blogger profile.

So, you must understand, Cla!re DOESN’T post any updates on Wattpad, save a link to the updates that she DOES make on WordPress. If you don’t like it, then Cla!re’s really sorry, but she ain’t gonna change it just yet. However, if you have any suggestions, do comment. We love comments. They are awesome. And shiny. *aliens off of Toy Story voice* OOOOO… SHINY. *Veggie Tales western voice again*

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